"I can't get my salespeople to fully reach their potential and hit their quota's"

HInt: Yes, You Can!

A Private Workshop ONLY For
Sales Managers and
C-Suite Executives

Who Need Quota's Met
While Reducing Turnover

Our Next Private Workshop
Wednesday July 13, 2022
9:00 AM Central Time

We Work With Business Owners and Their Sales Teams

to Generate INC. 5000-Level Sales Growth


This Is The Workshop That Shows You Exactly

How We Do It So You Can Do It Too.

This Is A Senior Level Workshop Only For 

CEOs, CROs & Sr. Sales Managers 

Everything You Need to Know and

Nothing Held Back

This is a 90 Minute Workshop
It Is Not a Webinar

Presented by Dan Prosser

Radical Sales Growth.com

95% of companies today have a plan to revenue growth

this year.

87% of these same companies will fail to fully execute it.


This Workshop Will Tell You Why

and What to Do About it.

The Greatest Sales Team Management Challenges Facing Leaders Today:

​1. Developing a cohesive team of accountable, committed sales professionals with a line of sight to the vision of your organization.

2. Establishing a clear picture with employee’s of the role they play in contributing to the achievement of the vision, mission and sales strategy of the company.


3. A clear command of the mission-critical, bold, actions that employees must perform to fulfill on their roles and achieve their quota for the year,


4. A weak sense of urgency to take the action necessary to achieve high levels of performance - because they are not sure where to look for what they want  (symptomatic of high levels of 'the apathy virus').

5. Unreasonably high salesperson turnover (35%)


In this Senior Management Workshop We Will Show You What a
Promise-Based Management System That Generates
INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth,
Looks Like


Nearly 90% of All Managers Don't Understand What It Means to Be Accountable for Sales Results
-you're going to learn how NOT to be one of them-

The RadicalSalesGrowth.com Workshop

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This 90-minute Invitation Only Workshop is FREE to CEOs and Sales Managers or Senior Sales Executives.

*the only reason your application would not be accepted is because you are not a cohort of our qualified CEO/Sales Manager category. We will refer you to our other workshop for individuals & Solopreneurs.