Why “Thirteeners” is a ‘Must Read’ for CEOs

By Daniel F. Prosser

Perspective is Everything When You’re the Leader

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Thirteeners is a book largely about CEO and team perspective – a new perspective of your business and a world in which you have the opportunity to create, for yourself, true “Ultimate Power”- by saying how it’s going to be and then actually having it be that way. Where you can achieve anything you can imagine, in your business and your life. 


In Thirteeners I work with you to develop a radically new perspective of the future you want. And then I show you who you need to be, to have exactly what you want.

In fact, I wrote Thirteeners specifically for CEOs who want to uncover, for themselves, what is required to achieve seemingly-impossible revenue growth, through connected, engaged employees. And, as a result, turn their company into a ‘Thirteener’ – one of the only 13% that successfully executes their strategy every year.


Yes, I know, a lot of authors write books talking about how to have what you want in your business and your life. I wrote Thirteeners to be a radical disruption to your automatic, already always, way of thinking and acting, with employees, with yourself, and in your business with clients. 

All that’s required is your imagination to envision the seemingly-impossible for you. 

What Actual Readers Have Said About Thirteeners:

 If you read one book on Leadership - Let this be the one!

"This book is truly unique! In a world of content overload about every topic imaginable, the idea of another business book on leadership did not create a burning desire within me to read it - however, the utter respect I had for the people who recommended it to me, and the first few pages, quickly altered my context for why this was THE BOOK, I needed to read now!

As a person who has owned companies and worked for many other companies, both large and small - I couldn't help but think how different my experiences and success would have been if these organizations (including the ones I created) operated from these overlooked and undeniably powerful principles.

If you can only read one book on leadership - let this be the one! It will make that kind of difference in your organization."

 Prosser has the right vision and a plan to help you get there.

"Most successful transformations share two common characteristics: a clear mission that is supported by employees, and relentless execution (supported by a great plan, of course). In Prosser's Thirteeners, Daniel not only explains why it's important but how to build and lead that engaged workforce and promise-keeping system. Most importantly, he challenges readers to inventory their own behavior against a set of clear measures that will help leaders improve their own engagement and become one of the 13% of companies that are able to make a successful transformation."

Daniel Prosser Knocks It Out of the Park!

"Daniel Prosser’s years of organizational success and insight is wonderfully communicated within Thirteeners, and the concepts discussed within its pages should be required reading for all business owners and entrepreneurs struggling to achieve their desired growth and success. The ten conversations outlined in this book will revolutionize how marketplace leaders connect in their corporate worlds, and these conversations will transform how organizations communicate for the increase. Kudos to Daniel Prosser and Thirteeners – this book is about so much more than just business success… it’s a home run for those looking for that corporate business edge."


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