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...Should I use Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard?

In every corner of the world, we now find ourselves in a virtual office economy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. A vast majority of employees now have to work out of a remote location. That changes the demographics of the workplace and upends the concept of an employee, physically coming through daily, or in the office 9-5 at best. How do you know for sure what outside salespeople are doing every day?


In the virtual workplace environment, there is rarely an opportunity for regular, face-to-face, on-site supervision. This has become a major concern for business owners - or at least it should be.


There is no way for you to know an employee's daily work habits or have any impact on the way salespeople perform their jobs - when you aren't officing together. You just have to have faith that things are going well - and you're getting the complete picture of the effort being made. The only thing you can watch is outcomes and your CRM. But then what do you do? This presents its own set of issues.  How do you know if the individual employee is doing what you think they should be doing? What are you going to do and what are you going to base that decision on if you need to replace that employee who isn't willing to play the game with the team. There's actually a better way to manage that creates a 'relational value system' - a core element of the Best Place to Work companies and the very highest performing companies. 

The simple truth of the matter is you don't need to worry on a daily basis if people are doing what they should be doing. The most important factor is  - "Are they achieving weekly performance requirements? My question s always: What are you measuring to assure yourself of the most favorable performance?

Most managers look to monitor the P&L and make their decisions based on the reality of the income and expenses - or they monitor sales and commissions. When the numbers aren't happening to achieve the results you wanted to see, it's curtains for the sales employee. Clearly, the P&L doesn't assure people are going to do anything. 


...does PBM and the Accountability Scorecard® create a sense-of-urgency you want from salespeople?

The Accountability Scorecard®:

  • Maintains a connection to others in the team and creates an otherwise difficult to create collaboration between employees on the team. 

  • Eliminates leadership anxiety because now it doesn’t matter how much time an individual spends time on work. You're not worried about that last week. All you want to see is the result that was promised to the team and you, and the scorecard puts it all in perspective for you and everyone.

  • In a remote workplace world—generates employee connectivity and supports the relational aspect of the terrestrial office, because it engenders cooperation, collaboration, cocreation because it supports the conversation for action. When teammates fall short of the team-created strategy actions it becomes the team’s responsibility to help the individual pull their weight.

  • A way to eliminate treating employees, as an unseen object and create and maintain a relational value system which is the primary element of a healthy organization. 


The Little-known Accountability Management Principles:

by Dan Prosser

"The best way to achieve Seemingly-Impossible Revenue Growth

is to shift your team's relationship to how accountability really works"

Since the mid-90s when I began my 3rd business - developing enterprise resource planning software systems (the precursor to SaaS), I applied a relatively unknown, yet powerful management tool called ‘Promise-Based Management’ based on the writings of Fernando Flores in "Conversations for Action". I've expanded his concept and successfully taught this approach for business growth, to many CEOs. 

In truth, it’s not a new concept at all, (you can find it on Google), but the way I've applied it makes helping your employees be much more effective in generating revenue growth, using an accelerated model, and the results have been quite extraordinary. 


I’ve taken Promise-Based Management to a new level by launching Promisez™ Faster Revenue Growth plus the only Accountability Scorecard®, which I put online, in the cloud. The Scorecard creates an exciting new framework for accountability which in many companies is either totally unstructured or in most cases, entirely absent. 

Here is just some of the impact of the

Promise-Based Management Platform and

the Accountability Scorecard® System

  • The entire process of implementing the Promise-Based System transforms the way YOU lead people and people want to be led… and it changes the way all the other leaders in your company manage employee performance.

  • Employee trust becomes a non-issue. People begin to communicate like never before possible. 

  • Employees feel they have a voice in setting the direction of the organization and someone is finally listening to them. Most importantly they take ownership of your strategy for growth.

  • There’s a boost in the quality & clarity of communication. Everyone knows what's wanted and needed and how to generate it.

  • Employees start doing what they said they would do - every time. On-time. Without exception.

  • Turnover plummets. Employees who were dissatisfied and looking for other jobs now can't imagine any better place to work and reject job offers out-of-hand.

  • Customers begin to notice the difference in your employees and tell you how much your company means to the success of their company. 

  • You become the leader in your industry - your industry begins looking to you for guidance and leadership. After all, you're the growth leader.


  • You have more free time because you now spend less time trying to get people to do what you want them to do. They already know and they're doing it.

  • You spend more time on the things that really matter to you because your team is acting responsibly for executing your strategy without you having to ride herd on them.

Instead of all the manipulation and games played in many workplaces, you’ll start BEING the values and attributes you ascribe to and begin having the right conversations in your company for achieving even the most seemingly-impossible results.

  • Everyone will know what to do

  • Everyone will know how to do it



  • Everyone will know why it works and embrace it

And MOST importantly, I guarantee you, as owner and/or CEO, you will become the MOST EFFECTIVE business leader you have been wanting your employees to recognize - as one of the best they’ve ever worked for. 


It takes just a few minutes to learn if 'Promisez™ Faster Revenue Growth', our Promise-Based Management, and Accountability Scorecard® system is a fit for you, your employees, and your company.


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