Our Clients Are Successful

What They Say...

"Dan Prosser worked with our Client Advisor Team, to replace our limiting thinking of being a group of ‘bean counters’ to ‘value-added professionals that are the catalyst for change in our clients’ businesses. Once the group declared this stand and the way we viewed ourselves, and how we wanted to be viewed by the marketplace and our partners, amazing things started to happen. New energy and focus entered the group and the tide changed.  From that point forward, anything that did not look like truly professional high-quality work or thinking, stood out as not being in alignment with our core value and stand for ourselves. The biggest beneficiaries of this change have been our clients. We are making more and better recommendations to our clients, in turn, helping them achieve more in their business. In the first 5 months we grew revenue 60%."

- BH, Chief Growth Officer, Houston

”It was Dan’s authenticity and desire to really help me that made the biggest impact. I’ve worked with a number of advisers and business consultants in the past. It’s extremely difficult to find someone who is the real deal. Dan’s the ‘real deal.”


"We needed someone with expertise in how to build our company' sales revenue drastically, and we turned to Dan Prosser who immediately started helping us build opportunities for our business that we couldn't even see. We thought we were just a ‘mom and pop’ shop, then Dan arrived. He got our heads turned around and building a real company. As a result, inside of two years we actually became an INC. 5000 company (#2245)". 

- CW, President, Houston

"Dan has an exciting way of looking at a business.  He helped us uncover our underlying issue so we could work on the real problem.  Beyond that, Dan has offered ongoing motivation for our board-- we are once again excited about the possibilities that lie ahead."

 - SC, Executive Director, TX

"When you have a close-knit team, it is hard to hold each other accountable. After listening to what we do and how we were doing it, Dan Prosser came up with the proper approach and metrics to measure using his online Promise-Based Management Accountability Scorecard® system. Believe me, the online system is extremely effective. It paints a clear picture and gives us the feedback we didn't know we needed. We use it every Monday morning.”

 - SB, Founding Partner, MN