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Promises are the most valuable asset in your your business. If people don't keep their agreements, commitments and promises, where does that leave you?
If you can count on someone to make a promise and keep it - that 'conversation for action has the power to change the world - even if it's just your world.
A love lock on a bridge is a type of promise management system. You make a promise to each other. Together you close the lock on a permanent part of the bridge. It stays there forever and literally never goes out of existence. A lock on a bridge (with no key to unlock it) is an existence system for the commitment(s) made. All execution strategies need promises and promises need existence systems so they don't unintentionally disappear and go out of existence.
This is why a promise to take action, supported by a system that keeps that promise from disappearing is a powerful leading indicator of the future of your business. If you want to know how your business will perform in the future look at the promises people make but look closer at the ones that are kept.

The Five Things Missing in Almost Every Organization - That Hold Salespeople Back

An enduring seemingly-impossible breakthrough vision of the future inspires employees and puts everyone on the exact same page; it's an invented future that people feel empowered about, can't be forgotten and won't disappear and go out of existence.


A revelation in awareness of the HIDDEN conversations and beliefs that undermine and sabotage breakthrough human performance creates a new awareness of what is truly possible once the essential truth about the past becomes known. The unconscious unawareness of the truth and its resulting behavior stops people, teams, and entire organizations. You struggle with it every day even if you can't see it - it's hidden.


A breakthrough strategy eliminates performance gaps and the need for survival tactics while empowering employees and other stakeholders to take responsibility for bold action and causing breakthrough results. Breakthrough strategies are not plans created at the highest level of management and sent down to those who are charged with executing it. Everyone gains a voice or it doesn't get executed at 100%


Flawless execution - next up - demands accountability and it's the core reason 87% of companies fail to execute their strategy. It's rare in most organizations because it's difficult to manage. Our online Accountability Scorecard® system gives salespeople back their power to produce 'real,  measurable results'. The Scorecard manages promises and keeps them from going out of existence.

It's our secret sauce that

makes it all work.


Flawless execution is governed by a series of promises to take action - action - and then the measurement of that action. This is not a numbers game. Its a count-on-able relationship game where individuals are accountable to the team (not just management) for doing what they said they would do while at the same time building a culture of relational values that get delivered through a signature experience externally. We count on our online Accountability Scorecard® promise-based management system to do the heavy lifting for our clients

The Purpose of The Promisez™ Promise-Based Management System

The purpose of this Promisez Management System is to help CEOs, Sales Managers, and their Sales Teams to Generate Seemingly-Impossible INC. 5000-Level Sales Growth in 6 – 12 months.

Does This Sound Like You?

You're a B2B CEO: business owners, their sales managers, and their sales teams. You secretly aspire to generate INC. 5000-Level sales growth. The key advantage is the enjoyment of greater owner/manager 'affluence' along with the ease and 'freedom from daily revenue growth concerns'.


You create a strategy for growth each year, hand it off to your team, and envision all of them generating remarkably improved sales growth as a result, yet too often you feel forced to settle each year for less-than-remarkable, incremental growth.


You're sensitive to the impact on your business and your personal wealth by sales team performance that doesn’t meet yours and their company’s monthly sales goals.


You likely manage your own sales team or you may employ a dedicated sales manager who is responsible for executing a strategy for sales growth through a well-trained sales team.

Why Is Promise-Based Management Needed?

87% of businesses with a strategy for growth end up failing to fully execute their goals each year because they struggle to get their salespeople on board and aren’t sure know how to break the repeatedly inadequate "performance thinking" of their sales team.


Many business owners, and therefore their sales managers, struggle to find ways to incentivize their employees - to get them to be accountable for generating the quality and quantity of sales revenue growth outlined in your sales strategy.


Countless business owners and sales managers just don’t like the idea of having to make demands for performance or hound salespeople to take the consistent actions necessary to close business and bring in the essential sales growth for which they are employed.


Most have a great relationship with those who work for them which presents the additional difficulty of holding their “friends” accountable for not doing what they agreed to do. Stepping on toes or being a patriarchal disciplinarian is not a first-choice role for most leaders.


A high percentage have some kind of strategy for sales growth – a destination they imagine achieving over the next few years but no solid management process or system to assure they can successfully and consistently produce those outcomes.

These Are Typical Issues CEOs and Sales Managers Experience
  • When goals are not being met, you once-again turn to more sales training or money incentives, as the answer to stimulating the pursuit of more and faster sales growth.

  • You look outside their organization to charismatic influencers to inspire employees to be more aggressive only to find there’s an expensive price for sales performance optimism that doesn’t last with many salespeople.

  • You struggle with clearly defining and explaining exactly what is wanted, needed, and required from the execution of your strategy. So your salespeople continue to struggle to understand the overall mission of your company and especially their role in it.

  • You grapple with teaching salespeople the true value of the company, their services, or programs so that salespeople get it and they can communicate it so prospective clients “really get it.”

  • You resist and more often default into avoiding the whole practice of managing sales or holding salespeople accountable for results because you find it somewhat distasteful and disturbingly confrontational. As a result, no one is being accountable or being held accountable.

What can you expect to gain from working with us?

You will become a better manager of your sales team as you STOP MANAGING PEOPLE and START MANAGING PROMISES [FOR ACTION]. You will have team players who make bold promises to take the bold actions that THEY craft and agree to.

You will have the most highly satisfied employees in the history of your company. Employees who own “their strategy” to build a company they want to work for.

Your salespeople will work for “their” company as if they own it, executing their strategy. After all they designed the strategy with you. It wasn’t handed down to them with orders to execute.

Your employees will NEVER again be confused about EXACTLY what to do and EXACTLY when to do it, in the pursuit of sales revenue growth.

You will have more time to focus on what matters instead of spending an inordinate amount of time staying on top of salespeople.

You will feel confident knowing that your revenue generating team(s) are looking out for you - they have your back and are enthusiastically contributing to the growth of a company that treats them fairly.

Your concerns, about sales employees who you expect to perform, will be eliminated and a thing of the past.

How do we work with our clients?

We work with CEO’s, Sales Managers, and their teams to forge a new relationship to results through the principles and practices of Promise-Based Management and our proprietary Accountability Scorecard® online software.


We work first 1 on 1 with our client’s leadership moving then to the entire team to design an executable revenue growth strategy that they own.

We deploy Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard® to support your team to fully execute your strategy for growth.

Our agreements are 12-24 months in duration with the right for our clients to renew that agreement as often as they like.

The Promisez™ Accountability Scorecard® is used to manage the only thing that matters besides the people executing the strategy - their promises to take bold actions.

We scorecard the actions of the entire team and allow the team to manage their own collective sales-growth behaviors . We teach your sales team to become self-managing.

Our primary goals are to help you develop a powerful track record of leadership that inspires your employees to execute the strategy you design together.

Learning through the Implementation process

Our approach is all about learning and applying uncommon management principles and practices - strategies, based on our decades of experience and research, that work to attract, manage, and keep the best possible sales employees. This is evidence-based-design for sales teams.

Performance Management is 100% about a connected workplace culture. It’s knowing how to create “safe conversations” for all employees to expand their ability to achieve what they say is important to them as well.

What does this program help you avoid?

Managing promises to achieve a powerfully designed future can appear overwhelming. It can be confusing and seem unnecessarily difficult to figure out on your own. We hold  your hand (so to speak) the whole way through.

We give you the principles, the practices, and the tools to guide you in spending your time and effort on the sales growth essentials for your company, knowing what you should avoid, and how to respond to tenuous situations - circumstances that you have little time to deal with and no control over.

We help you avoid team confusion and eliminate sales team overwhelm and complexity. We show you what works and what doesn’t work to help you develop the skills to implement the most effective management system we have worked with over the past 45 years.

How our approach is radically different.

Our work, which is more expansive than we can represent here, began 30 years ago as we sought a solution to the issues we faced with declining sales, reflecting a recession during the early 1990’s Gulf War.

Our approach is completely custom-built and adapted to your business without disrupting what you have worked hard to achieve so far. Everything is customized to each of our client’s unique needs. One size does not fit all. 


You and your team will learn specific practices for business growth that may seem foreign at first (because they will be) but with constant personalized support – it’s an easy process that is easily adapted to your unique business. What you learn you will put into action the very next day.

You and your team will work harder at implementing this program than almost anything you’ve previously done in your business. And you will have significant measurable sales results to show for it.

What is this Promise-Based Management System and SaaS software NOT?

THIS IS NOT SALES TRAINING or fractional sales management. There are plenty of places to get that handled if it’s ever needed. We can even refer you to the best we know - and we do know the best.

This is NOT an online program where you and your team view video and study workbooks on your own. It is not about passive management where you have to figure out the details and nuances of a sophisticated management system. Our concierge service walks with you every step of the way.

This is NEVER complex and confusing management mumbo jumbo. It’s about learning principles and practices that work to manage the actions of a high-powered team. it’s all about your results. 

It is not a bunch of make-busy and useless information to throw you off your game and frustrate you. You have complete access to us daily for scheduled and unscheduled calls to resolve any unexpected management and technology issues that confront you and/or your team. We are your partner in executing a sales strategy, we help you design, flawlessly.

Your Next Steps…

If you think working with us might be for you, we’ll set up a 30-60-minute Zoom meeting to introduce each other and answer any questions you may have to make absolutely sure this program is the right fit for you and your sales team. We’ll probably ask you a lot of questions ourselves, to better understand your situation, challenges, and goals. We do not use any heavy-handed selling techniques or apply any pressure to work with us. If your business is not a fit for us, or you, we'll know and will tell you immediately.

Set up a time for us to meet. 

If you’d like to explore whether our Promise-Based Management System and Accountability Scorecard® is a fit for you, please set up a time on our calendar.

Dan Prosser & Rob Stenberg

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