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95% of all companies create a sales plan for revenue growth each year.


87% of those same companies

fail to fully execute it.

The Problem With Your Sales Plan
Is NOT Your Sales Plan

Take Charge of Your Business and Your Sales Team With a New Totally Innovative
and Effective Sales Team Management System

The first and only sales management system that shows you how to generate INC. 500-Level sales growth



Accessible anywhere the world you find the internet. Takes seconds to sign in. Can be viewed by anyone anywhere simultaneously so it's extremely effective with remote employees for team inclusion.



It is totally affordable on a cost / return analysis. It costs a small fraction of  the results it produces - with immediate pay off and a substantial ROI.



The most critical universal element in business is language. The business of business is a conversation for action. Action closes the performance gap. This is the end of micro-managing sales people



Reduces the time spent managing individuals.  Teams get to work and manage themselves with periodic scheduled promise-based reviews. Performance is all right there on the feedback system


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Sales strategy and planning, over the past decades, has not seen anything new - until now.

For years business leaders would meet and decide what percentage of growth they needed in the next year - throw it over the wall - and hope salespeople can pull it off. It was a lot like throwing a dart at a target on that wall. It's hoped that if the salespeople can meet the strategic objectives, they will make bank on commissions. Salespeople keep throwing darts at their target too - and missing. Annual targets get missed by almost 70% of salespeople. There's often little chance of exceeding goals.

We started out with a manual sales management method to manage employee action.

Now, with the Promisez™ Promise-Based Management System and Accountability Scorecard® we've  automated that process into a system that manages the most important element in business sales - the promise to take the right bold actions at the right time (no CRM does this). In the past, after we'd say what we needed - everyone would go their own way. Every salesperson for themselves and a drive to get theirs even if everyone else struggled and didn't get theirs. An, "I did my job - it's up to you to do yours", attitude.


By inventing the online Promisez™ Accountability Scorecard® we eliminated the individual as the core element of the sales system process. 'Everyone for  themselves' (especially in a virtual work environment) shows up in almost all companies' and stresses the team's relationship; bypassing the importance of a 'relational value system' in working together to achieve the sales plan. As the team becomes proficient at keeping promises to take bold specific actions, you begin to notice that the financials are growing along with the level of  measured team 'promise-performance' - the ability to make and keep promises to take specific action. The strategy and its tactical and relational elements never go out of existence and that's why our teams can generate radical INC. 5000-Level sales growth. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing and it's all right there for you and everyone to see.  Peer tension (not pressure) has its place in business performance as long as you know how to use it and allow team member peers to manage the process. That's the beauty of our Promisez™ Accountability Scorecard®

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Design a Promisez promise-based sales plan that everyone contributes to, believes in, owns, and wont go out of existence.


Configure the Internal Sales Team Funnel  and align the team with management objectives. Accountability and Alignment go hand-in-hand


Configure the Accountability Scorecard® in a way that works for your team.


Launch. Start managing promises : Stop managing salespeople. Begin employing promise-based management.

A Brand New Way to Manage Salespeople
Sales Teams and Radical Sales Growth

Since the advent of sales, salespeople have frustrated even the most talented sales managers. Endless sales plans are written and a massive 87% of companies fail to fully execute any of them. Why?


Every sales manager manages salespeople for sales revenue growth. But, today an average of 69% of salespeople and their teams aren't even reaching their own goals. And 35% of those salespeople leave before 18 months and their base salary runs out, leaving you with a dismal return on your investment. When you're just an average salesperson those results aren't impressive.

Promisez™ is a new kind of, never before offered online, sales revenue management system that generates INC. 5000-Level sales growth in the next 12 -24 months (or less).

You can get rid of your old-style approach to sales planning and managing. Life just got easier

Promisez™ is our Promise-Based Management System and Accountability Scorecard® for sales teams. It brings salespeople and your teams into the new age of virtual distance sales management.

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Companies' intent on successful execution of a BOLD sales strategy must take a new approach.

The sales process of managing salespeople to meet their goals is a losing proposition in the majority of companies - it's the one thing that most impacts not only the achievement of the goal but accelerates the departure of an average of 35% of salespeople in an average of 18 months. 

Sure, you can stay on their backs to get the job done. Or hold late Friday afternoon sales meetings to emphasize the failure of salespeople to do their job. Demand and shame their performance. Many have tried that and it becomes an expensive mistake as your best salespeople head for the door and on to your competition.

When you introduce the Promisez™ Promise-Based Management System and Accountability Scorecard® you change the practice of managing individual salespeople to a culture of team self-management as you open the door to seemingly-impossible results that mirror radical INC. 5000-Level revenue growth.

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Why Does the Accountability Scorecard®
Work So Well to Transform Your
Sales Team's Performance?

It may not be very apparent to the average NBA basketball fan but good coaches don't manage the scoreboard and watch the score. Sure, they look at the timer, but they have no use for the score other than to tell them if they've won or not. They don't manage the play on the court by looking at the score. They manage team actions on the court.


It's easy to sit in the stands and comment on the game. But unless you're on the court and watching the 'scorecard' that a scorecarder (yes, there is such a thing - a friend of ours used to be one) sits near the bench and records all the elements of each individual player's contribution to the success of the game. The scorecard is not the scoreboard. Scoreboards show the team score and are like the sales results - usually displayed on the dreaded P&L..


But after the game the team meets and goes over the team scorecard and asks the same question we have our clients ask of their teams: "What's missing in the essentials of the game, on the court, that if they weren't missing we would have played a winning game this time"? No coach worth his million-dollar salary criticizes the players or the team if s/he wants to engage the team in constant improvement of their actions.

The scoreboards are for the fans of the game to sit up there in the stands and assess the game, and yell, and feign outrage. The scorecard is for the coach to manage their team actions - where only the right actions will improve the game - and the scorecard creates the opportunity to improve the play of the game.


It's time to disrupt your status quo and do it sensibly & sensitively