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The Promise-Based Management & The Accountability Scorecard®

Promisez™ is a strategic planning and online Promise-Based Management performance software system. Promisez™ is designed to be a prescriptive framework that supports our commitment to sales teams who will not settle for anything less than the generation of truly groundbreaking revenue growth. No matter what.

This is a very radically different (but not new to our clients) innovation designed to galvanize CEOs and their sales teams in generating what some consider to be seemingly impossible, INC. 5000-level revenue growth.

Promisez™ is not just a ‘promise-management’ system. It’s a game-changer for sales teams and their managers. It transforms into reality what might appear to be outside the realm of possibility for most organizations entrenched in the status quo bias.

For nearly 45 years (3 of our own businesses built and sold) we’ve been developing more and better technologically based solutions (as the supporting technology became available to us) that have exceeded the normal range of measurements for our clients.

We found that a vast majority of the business owners we’ve met, and worked with, in our past 45 years seem to imagine that they’ve seen or heard of everything that could possibly have a significant impact on their employee and organizational performance. And certainly, it makes sense they would believe, there can’t be that much new in the world of human performance management. If you have read this far – we seriously doubt that’s you.

Honestly, that hasn’t been true, especially since way back when we took delivery of our first ‘horrific’ copy of the first Microsoft Windows 95 in 1995 and dropped DOS as our development platform.

If you’re a part of what we consider a select group of leaders in business today, who are open to learning a completely fresh and ridiculously successful way of impacting revenue growth through others – we urge you to give us a few minutes of your time.

It might not seem possible but practically everything you know about human performance management is different from what you know. Promisez™ operates in the realm of ‘what you don’t know that you don’t know’. You don’t know Promisez™. But you need to.

Stop Managing People : Start Managing Promises.

Help Your Clients Develop a  Proven Strategy and Strategy Execution Management System that

Generates Radical INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth in 6 to 12 months

What's the purpose of
our sales team
performance management 
program and
online software?

The purpose for the Promisez™ Promise-Based Management and Accountability Scorecard® sales team performance management program is to propel SMB entrepreneurs toward unprecedented success – to achieve THE PERFORMANCE LEVEL of their original vision and mission. It offers a comprehensive framework and tools to empower entrepreneurs in effectively managing their sales teams, optimizing performance, and driving remarkable revenue growth. With Promisez™, SMB entrepreneurs can unlock their entire potential, enhance accountability, and achieve breakthrough results in their sales operations.


Another purpose for the Promisez™ Promise-Based Management and Accountability Scorecard® sales team performance management program is to provide SMB entrepreneurs with a clear roadmap for strategic decision-making. By utilizing Promisez™, entrepreneurs gain valuable insights into their sales team's activities, performance metrics, and revenue generation. This program enables entrepreneurs with sales teams to make informed decisions, identify areas for extreme improvement, and implement targeted strategies to maximize sales effectiveness and drive sustainable business growth.

Business owners with sales teams facing challenges in meeting established goals often encounter a range of concerns. These concerns contribute to the alarming statistic that a full 87% of companies fail to completely execute their strategy each year. Here are some common concerns these business owners may face:
1.    Missed Revenue Targets
2.    Inconsistent Sales Performance
3.    Lack of Motivation and Accountability
4.    Sales Team Alignment
5.    Ineffective Sales Strategies
6.    Difficulty in Identifying Underlying Issues


To overcome these concerns and break free from the cycle of failed strategy execution, business owners require a comprehensive solution that can drive sales team performance, enhance motivation and accountability, align sales efforts with strategic goals, and provide actionable insights for improvement. The Promisez™ Promise-Based Management and Accountability Scorecard® sales team performance management program addresses these concerns and more, providing a transformative framework for achieving consistent sales success.

Does This Sound Like You?

The majority of sales solution providers including sales trainers are independent and solo-preneurs competing with each other for opportunities to sell their solutions.

  • 80% of Consulting Companies Fold in the First 2 Years

    • There are Over 70,000 Coaches and Consultants 

    • There's an ongoing 7-10% Growth Per Year

  • Over 87% of Consultants Fail to Create and Execute Their Strategy Each Year

  • There is a Remote-First Management Trend - The Future of Business

  • Majority of Consultants Have Similar "Backgrounds and Experience" Story

  • No Creation Story and Can’t Uniquely Categorize Themselves

  • Have Not Identified Their Specialization for the Business They Are In

  • No Discernable Competitive Advantage A category that Sets Them Apart From Their Competition

  • Majority Have Generalized Focus to oversee the success of sales Teams)

  • No Equivalent Strategic System available to them

  • Faster Growth Strategies Accountability

Our Work Focuses on Five Evidence-Based,
Promise Focused, Management Practices

What Is a
Faster Growth Consultant?

A Faster Growth Consultant is a seasoned former business executive with a background and experience 

in business ownership, or as a senior leader

of a key strategic aspect of a business.

Faster Growth Consultants:

  • Deliver a complete transformation in strategy and strategy execution for key revenue generating teams of an organization.

  • Lead strategy executor that generates radical INC. 5000-Leve revenue growth for their clients

  • Transform the culture of an organization, shifting it from a hidden transactional culture to a culture with a relational value system that guides its future

  • Use our proven evidence-based Promise-Based Management strategy execution system and our Accountability Scorecard online tool.

Rob Stenberg, President and Co-Founder

A Complete Strategy and Strategy Execution System for Specialized Revenue-Focused Business Consultants

Successful business consultants sell "systems", not general advice. Prospects don't buy that kind of advice - they buy specialized systems that produce the radical results they want. Our affiliates become specialists in generating radical INC. 5000-level sales and revenue growth 


Every consultant we've ever known is frustrated with

the competitive landscape for prospecting

and selling to those prospects.


You either sound like everyone else or you set yourself apart from the competition and eliminate them from the competitive equation.

When you sound the same - you commoditize yourself and that makes close rates small at best. This is the reason an average of 80% of consultants fold in 2 years.

This is not a foreign concept to us.

We've experienced the exact same thing.

That's why we developed a compete, simple and extraordinarily successful  strategy and strategy execution system for ourselves and consults to separate us and you  from the competition.

But, honestly, that's not good enough - we want to eliminate the competition from being compared to you  and commoditizing you so you look just like them but if forces you to come down in your price.

That doesn't work for us. That shouldn't work for you.

We're committed to changing that for our affiliates. That's our core competitive advantage 

Working from Home

The Fast Track To Becoming A Faster Growth Consultant Affiliate

Our Faster Growth System is not a franchise.

This is an affiliate business model that give s you the power to run your own business with the support of our team. We feel this is a better way to build a solid relationship with our affiliates. We have a system and we have the technology you  and your clients need and will value.

Our Affiliate-First Business Model

We work on a relationship basis with you that helps you build YOUR company. We teach you our proprietary and unique human behavior technology of strategy development and and our online technology for strategy execution that will result in generating radical INC. 5000-level revenue growth - first for you

and the for your client.

It's a simple process to get started:

1. Engage in a n important and deep conversation with us to understand where you want to take your practice and help us see how you will benefit from what we do with our affiliates.

2. Once you have decided that this is the way you want to go and commit to the process you participate in a 4 day training to give you  the tools and the practice to be proficient with our systems.

3. We will teach you how to sell the Faster Growth system to clients and what to say to interest them. It starts with understanding why we can say we help business owners generate INC. 5000-level revenue growth.

4. Once you have met all the requirements of the learning process we will certify you to deliver the systems

5. The ongoing relationship with us includes a monthly license that covers our ongoing sales and technology support.

 It's really that easy. Not weeks but days.

Why Is This Program Needed by Sales Management Specialists?

  • 80% of Consulting Companies Fold in the First 2 Years

    • There are Over 70,000 Coaches and Consultants 

    • There's an ongoing 7-10% Growth Per Year

  • Over 87% of Consultants Fail to Create and Execute Their Strategy Each Year

  • There is a Remote-First Management Trend - The Future of Business

  • Majority of Consultants Have Similar "Backgrounds and Experience" Story

  • No Creation Story and Cant Uniquely Categorize Themselves

  • Have Not Identified Their Specialization for the Business They Are In

  • No Discernable Competitive Advantage A category that Sets Them Apart From Their Competition

  • Majority Have Generalized Focus to over see the success of sales Teams)

  • No Equivalent Strategic System available to them

  • Faster Growth Strategies Accountability

What Affiliate Prospects Say They Need

Any kind of consulting is hard work. Any successful consultant will tell you they work hard to please clients.

Our affiliates tell us they need:

  1. To be in a position to prevent their competition from any chance at their prospects and to commoditize them in front of any prospect - which ends up competing on fees and the added anxiety of waiting for a decision from the prospect - only to win a few deals a year when what they want is 2 and 3 times more work than they're getting.

  2. They want to create an uneven playing field with a home-field advantage.

  3. They want a powerful system that is different from any other program offered by competition 

  4. They want to be able to deliver a solution they can "own", proud to deliver, and successfully generates the radical INC. 5000-level revenue growth they promise.

  5. They want to be able to o substantially increase their personal income and sign performance contracts with clients for higher than existing industry level revenue growth

  6. They want abundant free time to  enjoy their personal  financial outcomes of their work

Purpose Of Our Faster Growth Strategy and Revenue Growth System

The Purpose of the Faster Growth Consultant

Affiliate Program

It's simple: The purpose of the Faster Growth Consultant Affiliate program is to help Fractional Sales Managers, Sales Trainers and Sales Consultants work with their client Sales Teams to Generate Radical INC. 5000-Level Sales Growth in 12 – 24 months.


Since 1985 the Faster Growth process has been in various stages of delivery and development  and used to generate radical sales and revenue growth strategies for CEOs, with an outcome of successfully generating INC. 5000-Level Sales results exit opportunities. 

We Teach, Certify, and License Fractional Sales Managers, Sales Trainers, and Sales Consultants to Deliver a Strategy and Strategy Execution System plus the Online Technology That Eliminates the Value of the Competition By Offering a Breakthrough Program That Their Competition Doesn't Have and

Can't Ever Provide.

The Faster Growth System Includes:

Our training covers all the key result areas of your business growth 

you get trained to lead the Critical Success Factors program for y our clients

You are trained in leading monthly Promise-Based Management meeting s with client sales teams using hte Accountability Scorecard

We teach you how to talk about Faster Growth Consulinting Critical Success Factors and Promise-Based Mangement so the concept is clear and distinct from any o ther consulting program available to your prospects.

Continual online training for 

 promise-Based Management

Scourecard Software

sales traiininig and support

Ongoing support from the Faster Growth Community

How We Will Work
With You:

  1. Coaching for practice building

  2. Ongoing marketing / networking training - monthly

  3. Ongoing sales training and support, 1-2 sessions per month

  4. Unlimited use of the Accountability Scorecard® online SaaS software.

  5. Concierge setup of our Accountability Scorecard for your clients

Dan Prosser CEO and Co-Founder

What Does FGC Help You Avoid?

When you teach clients the concept of stopping management of employees and to start managing promises you're delivering a radical shift to the current management paradigm of their business.

This radical shift also changes the way way most managers think today. Delivering a new Promise-Based Management business model to clients can appear overwhelming. It can be confusing at first and seem unnecessarily difficult to figure out on your own.  Until you're on solid ground we walk with you every step of the way.

So, we give you the principles, the practices, and the tools to guide you in spending your time and effort on the sales growth essentials for your client's, knowing what you should avoid, and how to respond to tenuous situations that you have little control over.

We help you avoid client team confusion and eliminate sales team overwhelm and complexity. 

We show you what works and what doesn’t work to help you develop the skills to implement the most effective management system we have worked to develop over the past 30 years.

How Is Our Approach Different

Our work, which is more expansive than we can represent here, began 30 years ago as we sought a solution to the issues we faced in our businesses with declining sales, reflecting a recession during the early 1990’s Gulf War.

Our approach is completely designed to accommodate any existing strategy, enhance it and begin executing it within 1 week. The Critical Success Factors is custom-built and adapted to your client's business without disrupting what they've worked hard to achieve so far. Everything can be customized to each of your client’s unique needs. One size does not fit all. 

You will learn specific practices for business growth that may seem foreign at first but with constant personalized support – it’s an easy process that is easily adapted to your particular business. What you learn you can put into action that day with your clients.

At first, early on, until you are familiar with it you may feel like you will have to work harder at implementing this program than almost anything you’ve previously done in your business. Don't worry the system is just not l in your current paradigm but once you learn the language and the distinctions of the system - it's apiece of cake. And you will have significant measurable sales results to show for it.

What Is Promise-Based Management

It's easier to assure you what Promise-Based Management is NOT before we demonstrate to you personally what it actually IS.

THIS IS NOT SALES TRAINING or fractional sales management. There are plenty of places to get that handled if it’s ever needed. We can even refer you to the best we know.

This is NOT an online program where you and your team view video and study workbooks on your own. It is not about passive management where you have to figure out the details and nuances of a sophisticated management system. We walk with you every step of the way.

This is NEVER complex and confusing management mumbo jumbo. It’s about learning principles and practices that work to manage the actions of a high-powered team. it’s all about your results. 

It is not a bunch of make-busy and useless information to throw you off your game and frustrate you. You have complete access to us daily for scheduled and unscheduled calls to resolve any unexpected management and technology issues that confront you and/or your team. We are your partner in that regard.

A Complete Evidence-Based System That Addresses Consultant Challenges With Clients

Delivers INC. 5000-Level Revenue Growth To Clients

1. Supports The Move To Remote-first Sales Teams

2. Provides A Digital Online System For Managing and Measuring Performance Strategy Execution Success In Remote-first Organizations

3. Identifies The Often Hidden And Untapped Mission Of The Company

4. Sets Up The Sales Team To Compete An Eliminate Their Competition

5.Establishes A Clear, Simple Path To A Seemingly-impossible Declared Future 

6. Uniquely Identifies The Gaps In Strategy

7. Ritual Based Action Guarantees Execution Of The Strategy

8. Creates A Non-stop Revenue Flow For Our Affiliate

What's the Next Step?

If you think working with us might be for you, and help you grow your practice, we’ll set up a 30-60-minute Zoom meeting to introduce each other and answer any questions you may have to make absolutely sure exploring this program is the right direction for you. We’ll probably ask you a lot of questions to better understand what you want, your goals, your situation, and your challenges. We are interested in finding the right affiliate partners who will contribute to the success of the Faster Growth Consultants system.

So don't expect us to use any heavy-handed selling or apply any pressure to work with us. If your situation is not a fit for us we will tell you immediately - but we believe you will know.

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