A little-known management principle:

The best way to achieve seemingly-Impossible Revenue Growth

is to shift your team's relationship to how real accountability works. 

Since the mid-90s when I began my 3rd business - developing enterprise resource planning software systems (the precursor to SaaS), I applied a relatively unknown, yet powerful management model called ‘Promise-Based Management’ based on the writing of Fernando Flores in "Conversations for Action". I've expanded his concept and successfully taught this approach to business growth, to many CEOs. 

In truth, it’s not a new concept per se (you can Google it), but the way I've applied it makes managing employees much more effective and the results have been amazing. 


I’ve taken Promise-Based Management to a new level by launching Promisez™ the only Accountability Scorecard®, which I put online, in the cloud. The Scorecard creates a new structure for accountability which in most companies is either totally unstructured or in many cases, entirely absent . 

Here is just some of the impact of Faster Growth Strategies, Promise-Based Management and The Promisez Accountability Scorecard® System

  • The entire process of implementing the Promise-Based System transforms the way YOU lead people and people want to be led… and it changes the way all the other leaders in your company manage employee performance.

  • Employee’s trust level becomes a non-issue. People begin to communicate like never before. 

  • Employees feel they have a voice in setting the direction of the organization and someone is listening to them.

  • There’s a boost in the quality & magnitude of clear communication.

  • Employees start doing what they said they would do - every time. On-time. 

  • Employees who were dissatisfied and looking for other jobs now can't imagine a better place to work and reject job offers out-of-hand. Turnover plummets. 

  • Customers begin to notice the difference in your employee's and tell you how much your company means to the success of their company. 

  • You become the leader in your industry - your industry begins looking to you for guidance and leadership.


  • You have more free time because you now spend less time trying to get people to do what you want them to be doing. They already know and they're doing it.

  • You spend more time on the things that really matter to you because your team is acting responsibly for executing your strategy without you having to ride herd on them.

With Promise-Based Management and the Accountability Scorecard® all of this is not only possible – if you follow through with the process I guarantee it 100%.

Finally, your membership along with the 87% of companies that miss their goals and don’t achieve their annual plans – gets canceled – by you. You will achieve consistent results when you use the Promise-Based system the way it was designed. I promise.

Instead of all the manipulation and games played in many workplaces, you’ll start BEING the values and attributes you ascribe to and begin having the right conversations in your business for achieving even the most impossible results.

  • Everyone will know what to do

  • Everyone will know how to do it

  • Everyone will know why it works and embrace it

And more importantly, you will become the business leader you have been wishing your employees recognized as one of the best they’ve ever worked for. Because now you are.


It takes just a few minutes to learn whether Faster Growth Strategies, Promise-Based Management, and the Accountability Scorecard® system is a fit for you, your employees, and your company.


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