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What you can't see missing
in your business...

is mercilessly sabotaging your revenue growth


A powerful evidence-based management system used by leaders and their sales teams

to generate radical INC. 5000-Level revenue growth.

What are you missing?

Introducing The Promisez Promise-Based Management System.

87% of companies fail at successfully executing their strategy fully each year - & build the company they said they wanted last year.

Promisez is our evidence-based, game-changing, Promise-Based Management System that utilizes our breakthrough online (in the cloud) Accountability Scorecard®. 


Promisez is scientifically proven technology that transforms the way leaders and their teams think, act, and work together to generate seemingly-impossible revenue growth.

Who Is Promisez For?
  • CEO's with underperforming salespeople and teams.
  • Business leaders (CEOs and Owners) whose INC. 5000 company has fallen down in their ranking on the INC. 5000 list instead of moving up.
  • CEOs and Owners who want to build a company that generates INC. 5000-Level revenue growth.
  • Sales Managers who need a new management method to getting revenue growth from their sales team - FASTER
Are You Curious About How Our Clients Accomplish This?

Download Complete Information About Faster Growth Strategies Promise-Based Management
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"We needed someone with expertise in how to radically transform our company's sales revenue. We turned to Dan Prosser who immediately started helping us to build opportunities for our business that we couldn't even begin to see. We thought we were just a 'mom and pop' shop needing help, then Dan arrived. He got our heads turned around and building a real company. As a result, two years later, we became an actual INC. 5000 company (#2245)"

                                                                                                           - CW, Founder & President, TX

Here's what you're missing that's costing you revenue:
There's a striking hidden aspect of your business that you can't see. It's negatively impacting what's possible for your sales team's performance.

Two years of real-world research, to prepare for authoring and publishing our internationally acclaimed breakthrough book THIRTEENERS, led us to uncover what we call 'The Source of All Results'. It's what's missing that, each year, 87% of companies fail to fully execute their strategy for growth. And only 13% are exceptionally successful. The evidence is clear.

We uncovered:

  • It’s not what you DO that leads to unprecedented sales performance.

  • It’s not what you SAY that advances your revenue growth.

  • What you do and what you say IN AND OF ITSELF is INSUFFICIENT to make the difference that business owners want from their sales teams.

  • This is based on clear enduring evidence.

This is it - The Source of All Results:

Your sales successes are covertly impacted, in every way, by the conversations management and their revenue-generating teams engage in together - every day.


For example, you can talk all day about how important Accountability is to your team - but if you don’t know the source of accountability, accountability is just another meaningless word that salespeople hear but have no relationship to.


And if your salespeople are confused about how to "be" accountable you will never achieve what is possible in your organization no matter how much you might use a “stick and carrot” or other management methods to motivate them. This is true for all employees.


  • Accountability is not an expected responsibility for something. It’s an action verb.

  • Accountability is not obligation. It's a characteristic of being human that is 'caused' by individuals and teams.

  • Accountability is not some feel-good pie-in-the-sky hope for salespeople to do the right thing - and they are expected to know what the right thing is. Ask them and see what answers you get.

  • Accountability is not who you report to on your organization chart. It’s your relationship to your ‘word’ that you give to others, that you will take specific actions and by when.


"Everyone" (well, a lot of consultants, anyway) is talking about accountability online saying if you don’t get accountability right your business will suffer. OK!


We say if you don’t get the ‘conversation for action’ right - you will never experience accountability. In that way it's not accountability you are truly after. It’s the right conversation with a clear view of the future, at the right time, to impact human performance - aka your salespeople results.

That’s What We Want You To See That You’re Missing

To help you uncover the right conversations at the right time for salespeople to keep their promises to each other to take bold actions.


Do you want to know how we support companies to produce INC. 5000-Level revenue growth using these principles and much more?

Lets book a call and we’ll tell you how you can do it too.

It's A Really Big Deal When
Sales Teams Are
Successful At
Fully Achieving
Their Goals

Probably Because
Less Than
13% Do.

Companies FAIL to successfully execute their sales strategy in full because:

  • Salespeople don't know the full results, as a sales team, of their best efforts. There's no meaningful and useful feedback to measure individual and team performance.

  • Salespeople don't have a say in creating the strategy they're expected to execute.

  • Salespeople don't get the kind of personalized appreciation and acknowledgement they need to be excited about "seemingly-impossible" growth.

  • Salespeople aren't aligned with the vision and mission of the company.  Only 5% Can tell you what it is - just ask them.

  • No one is making genuine out-loud promises to the team to take action.

  • Leaders engage in a very high degree of confusing communication. 

  • No one makes a bold commitment to take a course of action outside what they feel is adequate.

This is the book that has transformed the way CEOs, managers, and employee teams see what's truly possible for their businesses - and how to work collaboratively, co-creatively, and cooperate within their sales teams to address what's missing to have what they see as possible. 

Are You Ready? You're Up Next!

Work with Us...

To Generate INC. 5000-Level Sales Growth

For Your Company in the Next 12 Months

A Fully Executable Strategy

When only 13% of companies consistently meet their goals every year there is clearly something missing. We promise you it usually isn't the employees in your company.  But that's the automatic fallback when something's not working. Only because it isn't apparent what the source of that failure is. And, as we've always said - it usually isn't your strategy or your employees.

The solution is a strategy that gets executed - flawlessly. There's a way to do that you've likely never learned because it's not taught in colleges (yet). What we achieve with our clients is:

  • A team blueprint that is executable by your current team. Employees step up.

  • A clear direction where every stakeholder can see where "we" are going and how "we" are going to be there (at the goal) when we said "we" would be there.

  • Team self-management that takes the burden off of senior management to ride-herd and make sure everyone is pulling their weight and doing what they are supposed to. No more carrot and stick management models - now the team handles that expertly without management interference.

  • A commitment from your team to produce the revenue growth they promised - no matter what.

  • A totally committed sales team.

Promise-Based Management

As we repeatedly point out, 87% of companies fail to fully execute their sales strategy every single year. That doesn't work for anyone

It's often not a whole lot better this year than it was last year for most companies (87%).


Sales teams that embrace Promise-Based Management often experience from 60% to over 2,000% revenue growth in their first year.

The challenge with failed strategy execution is that very rarely it's the strategy that fails. Yet in nearly 90% of teams that's where management turns - to change the strategy when "it's not working". The problem is far deeper than the strategy will show you. It's not your plan or strategy that's your problem.

Promise-Based Management gives you and your team(s) ultimate power to say how it's going to be - and then shows you exactly how to have it be that way. 

The Accountability Scorecard® System

Getting salespeople to achieve their goals is the challenge every manager faces whose mission is to radically grow revenue. Sorry, but when that's not happening (in 87% of companies) honestly it's more often about the thinking of management and less about the sales team's ability. We know this from decades of evidence-based experience working with leaders. Ask any salesperson what is going to make them more successful and they will tell you - more prospects, more presentations and more closes. Sounds simple enough.


But it doesn't happen and it's usually not a lack of sales training or ability. You don't need more sales training. You need a successful strategy but more important you need a new way to manage execution - not people.

The most successful companies build teams that co-create their own future, collaborate on achieving it, and cooperate with each other to make sure no one is left out, or behind in having what they need and want. There's a new approach to management - it's our Promise-Based Management process and Accountability Scorecard® system.


You Just Need To See It At Work

Schedule a Free Strategy Session
(You Can Forget the Sales Pitch - We Don't Have One)

You know better than anyone if your sales team can play a much bigger game - and produce greater results. But how?  It starts with embracing new thinking and developing a new perspective of your business. Over 90% of business owners and leaders don't know how to identify these distinctions.

It doesn't have to be confusing, that's why we offer a free strategy session - so you can learn our principles and practices we use to help clients carry out their dream of superior revenue growth.

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