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INC. 5000-level sales
growth in 6-12 months
is just for starters.

The most ingenious strategy for generating INC. 5000-level sales growth in 6-12 months - with the worlds only Promise-Based [Sales] Management system and our cloud-based Accountability Scorecard®

Is Your Sales Team Even Capable Of Achieving INC. 5000-Level
Revenue Growth In the Next 6-12 Months?

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"We needed someone with expertise in how to drastically transform our company's sales revenue.

We turned to Dan Prosser who immediately started helping us to build opportunities for our business that we couldn't even see. We thought we were just a ‘mom and pop’ shop, then Dan arrived. He got our heads turned around and building a real company. As a result, two years later, we actually became an INC. 5000 company (#2245)".

- CW, Founder & President, TX

87% of business owner's fail at managing their sales teams to build the company they said they wanted when they started out.

They "talk about" what salespeople need to do - "get sales, we need to make the numbers!" which often turns salespeople away and actually confuses, undermines and sabotages their own sales team's performance. 87% of sales team expectations fail to be achieved.

But then when you stop talking about what you need from your team and create a 'conversation for action' using Promise-Based Management as your solution to sales team management - you stop managing people and you start managing promises to take action. Flawless strategy execution can only flourish in a collaborative and relational culture - that's when your sales revenue grows fastest.

Goodbye, Sales Plans That Don't Get Executed : Hello, Promise-Based Management
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The accountability


revenue Growth

Flawless Sales Strategy Execution Management
You dreamed your business would look much different, by this point, than it does.
You had a big expectation but then "something" got in the way of what you imagined it would be by now.
There has always been a "something" that gets in the way of nearly 90% of companies every year.
You think you know what it is so you go to work to address that with your sales team. You think they got it.
But you continue to be frustrated and disappointed. Your sales team is frustrated and uncertain of the future.

At Faster Growth Strategies we get to work with clients to uncover & eliminate that hidden "something" that we know something about, to generate radical
INC. 5000-level revenue growth. Flawlessly.

Develop & Manage a Superior Sales Team To Execute Your Strategy Flawlessly.

  • A strategy that won't be forgotten and go out of existence and WILL be flawlessly executed.

  • A powerful strategy execution management system where everyone is fully committed and producing what they said they would.

  • Employees who are passionate about working with you.

  • Sales revenue that exceeds your greatest expectations.

  • Where you become a highly-skilled manager of salespeople and their teams.

  • And, you will become a 'Best Place to Work' company while you're at it.

We work with B2B business leaders and their teams to build 'INC. 5000', 'Best Places to Work', and 'Fastest Growing Companies'

(NO - This is NOT Sales Training)

Promise-Based Management Helps Build Sales Teams That Overdeliver On Their Promises To Grow Sales Revenue.

87% of sales teams fail to fully execute their company's strategy every year.

Promise-Based Management gives you unprecedented access to a radical and amazing sales strategy & execution system to help y and your team to flawlessly execute your sales strategy.

"stop managing people and start managing promisez."

Promise-Based Management

87% of companies fail to fully execute their sales strategy every single year.


Companies that embrace Promise-Based Management for their sales teams often see up to 60 - 1000% and much more sales revenue growth in one year or less.

The challenge with failed strategy execution is that it's rarely the strategy that fails. Yet in nearly 90% of teams that's where management turns - to change the strategy when "it's not working". The problem is far deeper than the strategy will show you. It's not your plan or strategy that's the problem.

Promise-Based Management gives you and your team(s) ultimate power to say how it's going to be - and then have it be that way. 

The Executable Strategy

When only 13% of companies consistently meet their goals every year there is clearly something missing. We promise you it isn't usually the people in your company. That's the fallback when it's apparent it  isn't working but it isn't apparent what the source of that failure is. And, as we've said it isn't  your plan.

The solution is a strategy that gets executed - flawlessly. There's a way to do that you've likely never learned because it's not taught in colleges (yet). What we achieve with our clients is:

  • A team blueprint that is executable by your current team.

  • A clear direction where every stakeholder can see where "we" are going and how we're going to be there (at the goal) when we said we would be there. This we can guarantee.

  • Team self-management that takes the burden off of senior management to ride-herd and make sure everyone is pulling their own weight. The team handles that expertly.

  • A commitment from your team to produce the revenue growth they promised - no matter what.

  • Flawless execution from a committed sales team.

The  Accountability Scorecard®  System

Getting salespeople to achieve their goals is the challenge every manager faces who has a mission to grow revenue. Sorry, but when that's not happening (in 87% of companies) honestly it's more often about the thinking of management and less about the sales team's ability. We know this from decades of experience working with leaders. Ask any salesperson what is going to make them the most successful and they will tell you - more prospects, more presentations and more closes. Sounds simple, you'll agree.


But it doesn't happen and it's usually not a lack of sales training or ability. You don't need more sales training. You need a successful strategy but more important you need a new way to manage execution - not people.

The most successful companies build teams that co-create their own future, collaborate on achieving it, and cooperate with each other to make sure no one is left out, or behind in having what they need and want. There's a new approach to management - our Promise Based Management and Accountability Scorecard® system. We'll teach it to you.

Schedule A Free Strategy Session

Managing sales people and sales teams to produce unreasonable revenue growth doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let us show you how to create an accountable community of sales professionals that produce seemingly-impossible INC. 5000-Level revenue growth.

Fill out the form to schedule a free 30-60 minute strategy session with Faster Growth Strategies. In this free virtual Zoom call, we will:

  • Discuss your goals for revenue growth over the next 12 months?

  • Review what you're doing now to achieve them.

  • Discuss what's in the way of what you want.

  • Determine if Promise-Based Management makes sense for your company.

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