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The CEOs Blueprint for Building an 'INC. 5000-Class' Business

to Radically Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

(Sorry, we don't do sales training)

Everything you need to know, and have, to objectively expect accelerated revenue growth in the realm of triple to quadruple-digits, and produce an award-winning business impact



The accountability





revenue Growth

To Accelerate Revenue Growth into the 'INC. 5000-Class Category'

You Have to Master a New Relationship to Causality

-- The principle that everything (especially your level of revenue growth) has a cause - you just can't see what it is, yet --

But, There are Numerous Obstacles to Prevent Such a Thing...

  • Often the entire company is afflicted. "One out of every two managers is terrible at accountability" - Harvard Business Review
  • Most business owners and managers will try anything to get people to bring in the sales they said they would. Too often it just doesn't happen
  • Most accountability training is expensive, boring, and ineffective. It's mostly words - a list of things you should already be doing. It's just the same 'ol thing you already know and hasn't helped yet
  • Employees are resistant to executing someone else's strategy. They don't see themselves in your 'plan du jour' as you attempt to motivate them to do the things you thought they signed up for when they came to work with you
  • Traditional accountability efforts have an 87% failure rate and result in unacceptably high employee turnover.
  • Many managers can't see the weakness in their sales system as 'accountability'. They don't understand that the opportunites to transform sales is found in that one gap.
Can Your Company Meet the Standards of an INC. 5000-Class Company?
The Key to Your Success Will Surprise You

INC. 5000 companies are the Rock Stars of the business world. Most company owners know the value of becoming one.

In 2020 INC. 5000 companies grew between 55% & 48,337%


A little-known fact is that any company can become an INC. 5000 company if they if are willing to shift the paradigm they have for their business and meet the standards of performance that make a company, ANY COMPANY, produce that level of growth. 


Business owners of INC. 5000 companies happily become progressively wealthier during the three years it takes to achieve that honor. How do I know? When one of my clients I worked with, for example, hit the INC. 5000 they added millions to their net worth that they never thought they could or would be able to do; but then they became #2245 (110% growth) on the list. You just need to know the performance standards for the game that make a total of 5000 companies each year, in the U.S., generate the level of revenue growth in the hundreds and thousands of percentages. Why not you?

If you know what to do and who you need to be to have that level of growth - it's infinitely possible for you to add that kind of wealth and value to your business, as they did, which gave them the ultimate freedom to exit their business at the right time, in their future.

I will give you a taste of the key, what sets an INC. 5000 Class company apart from ANY other company not on the list. It's probably not what you think it is.

Here it is: It's a conversation. Yes, but not just any old conversation. We manage through conversations. What happens when those critical conversations you have with employees to produce a result you want don't work the way you had expected when you told one of your salespeople they aren't cutting it and they need to up their game? Actually, in business, there's a unique network of conversations that leaders need to learn to lead within their organizations. It's not just the conversations that feel stressful, it's the conversations where you want a particular result out of it. I talk about it in my book THIRTEENERS. And because of this radical (not crazy radical) approach to growth, I shared with readers of Thirteeners, my book was named one of the 5 best English Language Business Books in the World at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair.

When you use the Promisez™ Faster Revenue Growth System, we teach you the elements of faster and greater revenue growth - the right conversations that will shift the paradigm of your organization to make it not only possible - BUT PROBABLE.

We give you the proprietary online technology, the Accountability Scorecard® to manage it all and accelerate the process.


It might seem strange at first but make no mistake, conversations are the fundamental 'technology of language' of an outrageously successful company. You just need to know the right ones and how to deliver them and when. Then, we'll give you the 'online technology' to easily manage it all and produce breakthrough results.

I'm happy to share with you some of those conversations for your workplace, you can use, that would make the most difference in making yours the leading company in your category and your industry. I could write pages on this - but I already did in THIRTEENERS. There's only one way to get a 'straight-from-the-horses-mouth', taste for Promisez, the Accountable Scorecard®, and the conversations that can help you build an INC. 5000 Class company; and that is to take a leap of faith and Book a Call to get on my calendar. What do you have to lose? It's a free conversation. Talk soon...

- Dan Prosser, Founder and CEO

Now That You Know the Secret, Here's the 4 Step Promisez CEO Blueprint Strategy to Get Your Team There - Generating Multiple Digit Revenue Growth to Become an INC. 5000-Class Company




...your future strategy with your team for a clear path to the future you declare you and your team are committed to, then build the Accountability Funnel

to take you there



...your promise based system and begin using what you

learn about your company and your sales team usingthe Accountability Scorecard® to generate seemingly-impossible revenue growth


...when you need it for whatever

you need to make sure your Promise-Based Management system is working for you and your team



...your team for executing the strategy they just helped

create, and they now own.

Prepare to launch your Accountability Scorecard®

It's Simple...
Quickly Onboard Your Team(s) With Done-For-You Help, and Then
Go to Work With Your Team to Rapidly Generate Never-Before-Encountered Revenue Growth:


What Our Clients Had to Say About Promisez:



"Dan Prosser, using his Promise-Based Management system and Accountability Scorecard® worked with us to first transform our limiting thinking - from being a group of ‘bean counters’ to ‘value-added professionals who are the catalyst for change’ in our clients’ businesses.


Once the group declared this stand and the way we viewed ourselves, and how we wanted to be viewed by the marketplace and our partners, amazing things began to happen. New energy and focus entered the group and the tide began to change. 


From that point forward, anything that did not look like truly professional high-quality work or thinking, stood out as not being in alignment with our core values. The biggest beneficiaries of this change have been our clients. We are making more and better recommendations to our clients, in turn, helping them achieve more in their business. The initial result was a 60% growth in revenue in our first 5 months of the program."

Chief Growth Officer of Top CPA Firm in Houston, Texas

60% Revenue Growth

In the first 5 months of using Promise-Based Management and the Promisez™

Accountability Scorecard®

Texas-Based International CPA Firm

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What do You think?

Could you handle 5-digit revenue growth from your sales teams(s)?

Promise-Based Accountability Management

is the end of the revenue growth struggle 

Our 'Promisez™ Faster Revenue Growth System, business practices, and online technology were designed and built out of nearly 50 years of entrepreneurial CEO experience, specifically for our business leader clients seeking a new, innovative, and infinitely more effective solution to manage diverse, revenue-generating teams who absolutely, positively, must meet or exceed their goals and have been struggling to make it happen.  UNTIL NOW.

Built online to keep things simple, accessible, and to streamline sales

Our interactive, intuitive, cloud-based SaaS interface is designed to help you to uncover, and see, what's not working. Then how to support your team in finding what works - ongoingly -  and to execute your revenue growth strategy - flawlessly.

Focused on what matters to you most

This is the technology that keeps leaders and their revenue-generating teams focused on the most important actions to be working on right now: making promises to take bold action - and then taking those actions - to grow revenue faster. 

Promise-Based Accountability Management
We've Reinvented Accountability Management to Make it Simple, Fun, and Fast for You to Grow Your Business Beyond What You Thought You Were Capable Of

Also, Ask Us About

Promisez Level 2 BETA

Promise-Based Accountability Management
We Reinvented Accountability Management to Make it Simple, Fun, and Fast for You to Grow Your Business Beyond What You Thought Your Team Was Capable Of
Promise-Based Management is
Chronicled in the Best Selling Book...
Limited Time FREE Download
Only 13 Percent of
Companies Successfully
Execute Their Strategy and
How Yours Can Be One of Them

 "Prosser has the right vision and a plan to get you there.

Most successful transformations share two common characteristics: a clear mission that is supported by employees, and relentless execution (supported by a great plan, of course). In Prosser's Thirteeners, Daniel not only explains why it's important but how to build and lead that engaged workforce and promise-keeping system. Most importantly, he challenges readers to inventory their own behavior against a set of clear measures that will help leaders improve their own engagement and become one of the 13% of companies that are able to make a successful transformation." - Amazon Buyer/Reader

Named one of the top 5 English language business books in the world at the

Frankfurt Book Fair

"Wow!  I have only read the preface and introduction, but I am blown away.  I am and have been the problem and my way of looking at things has been distorted.  This is eye-opening and comes on the heels of some help I am getting--God uses all sorts of people and tools to get our attention.  Thank you for connecting.  How can I help you? -Website Visitor

For a Limited Time Download the Entire THIRTEENERS Book - FREE

Our Entire Promisez Faster Revenue Growth System

Delivered to You and Your Team

1. A team blueprint for an executable strategy, based on your current strategy (or, no strategy), exactly what you want to see happen in the next 12-36 months​​

2. A clear direction on how to have the most meaningful conversations that get the most seemingly-impossible goals accomplished by every team member - with no exception.

3. The design of team 'Accountability Funnels' that clearly communicate what the team themselves say they are committed to achieving, step-by-step, by who and by when.

4. ​A powerful evidence-based online SaaS system-in-the-cloud Accoountability Scorecard® that has been used to build 'INC. 5000' level revenue growth with a 'Best Place to Work' culture.

5. An optional personal plan workshop for each member of your team that identifies for them the source of their current results, to give them a new powerful place to stand (and come from) for their future. Our 'Source Of All Results' workshop leads employees in making the right and most effective behavioral changes they themselves identify are needed, along with a personal strategy for contributing to their team's performance and company revenue growth. With an amazingly effective and successful personal action-strategy to have what they personally want from their contribution to revenue growth.


Full-access to CEO/Leader & Team Mentoring AND extensive support that brings it all together into one cohesive solution to accelerate revenue growth with everyone on your team participating


inc.5000 company TOO?


I'm Founder and Developer of the Promisez™ Faster Revenue Growth System - an ACCELERATED strategic revenue growth platform, with online SaaS technology - The Accountability Scorecard® that supports CEOs and their teams who want to produce seriously high double to quadruple-digit revenue growth by challenging the limiting paradigms and resulting thinking and behaviors that undermine and ultimately sabotage the future growth of nearly 90% of companies. With you, we design an executable strategy, or we review yours. We then deploy the Promisez™ Accountability Scorecard®. Mentor you and your team in using Promise-Based Management. And, manage your team to produce the results THEY are committed to.

I wrote the bestseller book, 'Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy - and How Yours Can  Be One of Them' for CEOs and Business owners.

Thirteeners was named one of the top 5 English Language business books, in the world, at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair. It was summarized by both getAbstract ( and Soundview ( and is now be available, with the 2020 update, released as an Audible book on Amazon.

Read what people have to say about THIRTEENERS HERE

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