Accelerated Revenue Growth

[For: Highly Motivated CEOs, Executives, and Their Sales Teams]

An Online System Built to Help You and Your Sales Team,

to Generate Double and Triple-Digit Revenue Growth

Everything you need to know and do for your sales team to execute your strategy flawlessly,

and do it without any additional sales training

done for you

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CREATE a clear path to a More Substantial future

Achieve seemingly-impossible results

[for Motivated CEOs, CROs, CGOs,

and Sales Management]

We Help Business Owners and Sales Leaders Scale Their Revenue Growth

You'll be mentored by a seasoned CEO, with 5 decades of experience, on how to access the full capacity of your sales team to generate seemingly-impossible revenue growth without going back to more sales training - or depending on you to make it happen because "no one can do it better"

Are you sick of feeling like the revenue growth in your business relies primarily on YOU?

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Every CEO and Business Owner Wants To Generate

Double and Triple-Digit Revenue Growth.

(Who Doesn't?)

But There's a Problem...

  • "One out of every two managers is terrible at accountability" - Harvard Business Review
  • Most accountability training is old school, hierarchical, about controlling employees, and horribly boring. Salespeople especially resent it.
  • Accountability training is expensive with a low return on investment b/c it doesn't stick. Most training virtually evaporates within several days, taking you back to the old status quo and less than stellar results
  • Outmoded employee accountability programs scape-goat employees - create resistance and resentment (plus expensive employee turnover)
  • Traditional accountability efforts still result in poor employee performance (92% failure rate) and high (unnecessary) employee replacement costs
  • Many managers have already spent their budget on sales training to be continually disappointed in results because they can't see the weakness in their sales system as being accountability.
Promisez is a Simple to Deploy and Easy to Use, 4 -Step System
to Provide You With Training (NOT Sales Training), Design & Online Tools; 
Everything You Need, Including Hands-On Support in
'Promise-Based Accountability Management'
Quickly Onboard Your Team(s) With Done For You Help, and Then
Go to Work With Your Team to Rapidly Boost Your Revenue Growth:



of Managing Teams With 'Promise-Based Accountability Management'

Never Ever Before Taught to

Business Leaders



strategy with your team for a clear path to the future you declare you and your team are Committed to, then build the Accountability Funnel

to take You there



and begin using what

you learned about Accountability and the Scorecard to generate new business revenue growth



for executing the strategy they just helped create and prepare to launch the Accountability Scorecard®

Accountability is the Most Challenging Competence Typically Absent 

in Business Leadership Today

~Poor Accountability Gives the Status-Quo the Power to Take Over Your Business~ 


More Than 87% of Companies Fail to

Successfully Execute Their Strategy Every Year - INC.

One Out of Every Two Managers is Terrible at Accountability - HBR

THIRTEENERS was written by a CEO with 5 decades of successful entrepreneurial experience, to help CEOs to uncover the power of the hidden conversations in their businesses that undermine and sabotage accountability and performance.

Then, take the steps to transform revenue growth through the power of their 'word' - positively impacting employee behavior, performance, workplace engagement, and employee satisfaction.

"Based on 2 Years of Research Into the Success of 

'Best Places To Work' Winners"


Named one of the top 5 English language business books in the world at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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"It  can feel Damned Discouraging When You Want to Grow YOUR Revenue and Your Team Struggles to Get You There...and then You're Not Sure What to Do Next"

HERE'S Everything you need, to generate double &triple-digit revenue growth

Introducing Promise-Based Accountability Management The end of the struggle 

The 'Promisez™ Accelerated Revenue Growth' business model, and system, was designed and built by a business leader for business leaders seeking a new, innovative, and more effective approach to managing diverse, revenue-generating, teams who absolutely, positively, must meet or exceed their goals and have been struggling to make it.  UNTIL NOW.

Built online to keep things simple accessible and streamlined
Our interactive, intuitive, cloud-based interface is designed to help you to uncover, and see what's not working. Then how to support your team in finding what works - ongoingly -  to execute your revenue growth strategy - flawlessly.

Focused on what matters most to you
This is the technology that keeps leaders and their revenue-generating teams focused on what's most important to be working on: making, keeping, and measuring promises to take action - and then taking those actions - to grow revenue faster. 

Promise-Based Accountability Management
We've Reinvented Accountability to Make it Simple and Fast
by Developing the Promisez™ online Accountability Scorecard®
to Finally Make the Demands for Revenue Growth Work For Leaders & Their Teams

The Entire Promisez Accelerated Revenue Growth Experience

All Delivered to Your Virtual Team or to Your Office


1. A team blueprint for an executable strategy, based on your current strategy or, no strategy, just what you want to see happen in the next 12 months​​

2. A clear direction on how to have the most meaningful conversations that get the most seemingly-impossible goals accomplished by every team member - with no exception - in the next 12 months.

3. The creation of team 'Accountability Funnels' that clearly communicate what the team themselves say they are committed to achieving, step-by-step, by who and by when

4. ​A powerful evidence-based online SaaS system-in-the-cloud that has been used to build 'INC. 5000' level revenue growth with a 'Best Place to Work' culture

5. An optional personal plan workshop for each member of your team that identifies for them the source of their current results to give them a new powerful place to stand (and come from) for their future, leads them in making the right and most effective behavioral changes they themselves identify are needed, along with a personal strategy for contributing to their team's performance and company revenue growth, a personal action-strategy to have what they personally want from their contribution to revenue growth.


Full-access to CEO/Leader & Team Mentoring AND extensive support that brings it all together into one cohesive solution that drives breakthrough revenue growth with everyone on your team(s) participating

Client's WHO HAVE AcceleratED 

Their revenue growth:



Dan Prosser, using his Promise-Based Management system and Accountability Scorecard® worked with us to first transform our limiting thinking - from being a group of ‘bean counters’ to ‘value-added professionals who are the catalyst for change’ in our clients’ businesses.


Once the group declared this stand and the way we viewed ourselves, and how we wanted to be viewed by the marketplace and our partners, amazing things began to happen. New energy and focus entered the group and the tide began to change. 


From that point forward, anything that did not look like truly professional high-quality work or thinking, stood out as not being in alignment with our core values. The biggest beneficiaries of this change have been our clients. We are making more and better recommendations to our clients, in turn, helping them achieve more in their business. The initial result was a 60% growth in revenue in our first 5 months of the program."

Chief Growth Officer of Top CPA Firm in Houston, Texas

60% Revenue Growth

In the first 5 months of using the Promisez™

Accountability Scorecard®

Texas Based International CPA Firm



I'm the Founder and Creator of the Promisez™ Accelerated Revenue Growth business system - a strategic revenue growth system, with an online SaaS technology that supports CEOs and their teams who want to produce seriously high double and triple-digit revenue growth by challenging the limiting paradigms and resulting thinking and behaviors that undermine and ultimately sabotage the future growth of nearly 90% of companies. With you, we design an executable strategy approach using Promise-Based Management and then deploy the Promisez™ Accountability Scorecard® proprietary online technology to manage the strategic elements with accountable teams.

I wrote the bestseller, 'Thirteeners: Why Only 13 Percent of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy - and How Yours Can  Be One of Them'. Thirteeners was named one of the top 5 English Language business books, in the world, at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair. It was summarized by both getAbstract ( and Soundview ( and is now be available, with the 2020 update, as an Audible book on Amazon.

Read what people have to say about THIRTEENERS HERE

Accelerated Revenue Growth 

with Promise-Based Management &

The Accountability Scorecard® 

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